bibpc 2020

here's my photo for category 1, "unnoticed"!

I chose this photo because I remember how delicate and hidden this flower was. I pretty much had to stick my face into the top of the bush to see it haha! it definitely would have gone unnoticed without careful attention, and the foreground blur just adds a lot of that ~hidden~ sense to the image.

category 2: fast
I chose this photo of these quickly-moving beams of light at a light show when we traveled out of the country! it was incredible — everything was so fast-paced and constantly moving, & I think this picture shows that speed. :)

category 3: right
so this photo caught my eye for this prompt because duh — the subject of the photo is on the RIGHT side of the frame. but as I thought about it more, I realized there's another meaning, too: seeing the right / correct / true version of yourself in the mirror. so many of us have distorted body or self-image, and it's so important to recognize who you really are.<3 p="">

category 4: lopsided
I took this photo at a nearby farmer's market that I'm in love with! look at that sweet ~lopsided~ cider sign :')

category 5: surprise
for this category, I picked this CUTIE of a photo!! this is one of my best tiny friends :') capturing the exact moment he looks up suddenly. to me, that unexpected expression is PERFECT for the prompt "surprise".

(I do ask that no one repost this image, as I'll be taking it down for privacy after this category is over.)

category 7: colorful
what's more colorful than the state fair? I snapped this photo before my friends and I got on the lit-up ferris wheel, and I love the way the fluorescent colors pop!